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By Jason Culp, Head of Upper School

It’s hard to imagine, but 10 years have passed since the opening of the Upper School campus. And what a difference a decade makes! 

When the building opened in January of 2007, we had an enormous amount of space to grow into, we were still learning what adolescents needed to be successful in school, and we had much to learn about the social and emotional needs of adolescents with learning differences. 

Today, every classroom and office are filled to the brim with students and staff going about the important business of teaching and learning. In fact, we’ve reached full enrollment in almost all Upper School grade levels, welcoming the largest Upper School enrollment in our history last month. 

We have also evolved into a professional learning community of practice and are engaged in numerous substantive professional development initiatives designed specifically to instruct teachers how to educate and support students with learning differences.

We are also one of only two providers in Ohio for the PEERS (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills) program, and one of a few schools in the state to offer the ROX (Ruling Our Experiences) program for the development of relational and personal wellness skills for girls.  

Over the past 10 years, we’ve honed our practice and learned about the types of students we serve most effectively and counseled others into the right school setting for their particular needs. As such, a decade of hard work has brought us to a place where we are confident in our practice and ready to share the work that goes on within our walls with the world outside.

As a learning community, our work is never done. There is more to learn about students who learn differently and more we can do to ensure that our practice consistently meets the needs of our students and their families. But we face the future with excitement and a sense of possibility in what is yet to be.

Thanks for joining us on the journey!

Jason Culp is the Head of Upper School at Lawrence. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Baldwin-Wallace College and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University.  Jason is licensed as a Professional Counselor (PC) with the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist Board. He welcomes your comments at

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