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Why Lawrence?

Here's what our parents are saying about their decision to enroll at Lawrence School:

Reaching Students

"There's compassion and understanding, and there's not a harried sense of rushing to some standard of performance that means nothing. Lawrence is really individual; they're able to individualize to the child because there are so few in the classrooms."

Upper School parent

"I liked the fact that they weren't cookie cutter. They were going to do what was best for my child, even if it was different from all the other kids in his class."

Lower School parent

Changing Lives

"Within the first two weeks he said, 'Mommy, I was in class today and I got it. I am smart. I am really smart. And these teachers, they really get me.'"

Lower School parent

"It's a blessing to see my daughter want to do her homework... she takes that initiative because she wants to; not just to please her teachers, but to show herself that she can do this. It's almost an affirmation to herself that, yes, I can do it. It's a belief in herself."

Upper School parent

Transforming Families

"I actually had to leave my job to enroll our son here, and I would do it over and over again. There's no sacrifice that isn't worth him coming out of school smiling every day."

Upper School parent

"Coming to Lawrence has opened hope for the future. It's opened hope for happiness for my daughter. There's hope. I have hope now. I know she's going to be okay."

Lower School parent
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