Summer Reading/Math Projects

Each summer, students entering grades 7-12 are asked to complete reading and math assignments during break. These activities are meant to reinforce academic skills, foster creativity, and help bridge the gap between June and August. 
Each year, faculty selects a theme for the Summer Reading project. This year’s theme is Fellowship: Friendship, Inclusion and Support
Students select a book to read (or listen to via audio books) from the provided list and then complete an assignment of their choosing. The list of possible assignments contains both traditional and non-traditional choices. Students can demonstrate what they have learned through writing, fine art, film, music, diagrams and a number of other mediums. The key is for each student to select an assignment that best reflects their unique learning style, and then demonstrate what they have learned.
The summer reading program reflects Lawrence School’s belief in student-choice, higher-order thinking, differentiated instruction, and authentic assessment.

Here are the attachments for the 2014 Summer Reading Project:

Grades 7-8
Book List

Grades 9-10
Book List

Grades 11-12
Book List

In an effort to help bridge the gap from June to August, the Upper School will be asking all students to complete a summer math assignment, due on the first day of school.  
Students are asked to spend 30 minutes per week building math skills. This should be a family/student driven assignment and there are no stipulations as to what type of math program, website, or specific content should be covered.  
The attached form contains a parent signature sheet as well as links to recommended math websites.

Summer Math 2014

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