Episode 4: Ruling Our Experiences

Published November 13, 2018

Growing up as a teenager has never been easy. And being a girl has its own specific challenges, including body image, confidence, and boys. On top of that, today’s teen culture is saturated in social media, which presents its own uncharted difficulties. It’s fair to say that growing up as a girl has never been more complicated. In this episode of the LionShare Podcast, we’ll discover how girls at Lawrence are being empowered to rule their experiences.

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About The LionShare Podcast

Lawrence parents often share the transformation they see in their child after enrolling at the school is like magic. But it's not magic. So what is it? The goal of The LionShare Podcast is to pull back the curtain at Lawrence to give families a better understanding of the evidence-based strategies in place that produce these transformative effects.

About Jayne Eiben

The LionShare Podcast is hosted by Jayne Eiben, who is the school's Advancement Director as well as an Alumni parent. Prior to joining Lawrence in 2006, Mrs. Eiben taught middle school English and social studies at Laurel School. When her sons were young, she worked as a freelance journalist writing articles for the local NPR station, newspapers and magazines. After college she worked as a sports agent and events coordinator at IMG where she represented professional tennis players and ice skaters.


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