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Alphabet Adventures

Jumpstart academic success with ALPHABET ADVENTURES! Lawrence School helps preschoolers and kindergarteners build a strong reading foundation.

Your child’s brain is at its most flexible during the first five years of life. Take advantage of this critical stage in development—enroll in Alphabet Adventures!

We use evidence-based strategies to help kids improve alphabet knowledge, pre-reading skills, and phonemic awareness. The program is taught by teachers trained in Orton-Gillingham methodology, which is a multi-sensory approach that helps students make the connection between sounds and letters—a necessary prerequisite for reading.

Highlights include:

  • Small group and individualized instruction
  • Visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile methods
  • Taught by degreed literacy experts

Saturdays, $160 month
Tuesdays & Thursdays, $240 month
9–10:30 a.m.

Classes are held at our Lower Campus in Broadview Heights. NOTE: If your child misses a class due to sickness or scheduling conflict, your payment will be applied to a future session. There is no formal contract period and new students are enrolled throughout the year on a rolling basis. Click Here to view the 2019–20 calendar. 

Enrolling is easy!

Register online by clicking the button below, call the office at 440.832.7850, or send us an email.

A few words from our parents:

A child's level of phonemic awareness upon entering school is widely held to be the strongest, single determinant of success that she or he will experience in learning to read—or, conversely, the likelihood that she or he will fail. In fact, research shows that phonemic awareness can be developed through instruction, and that doing so significantly accelerates subsequent reading and writing achievementPhonemic awareness is an important early step in learning to read. does a great job of explaining in this article.