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Middle School

The middle school program bridges the gap between more intensive remediation at the Lower School level and the more diverse and challenging course offerings at the high school level.

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Each middle school classroom focuses on direct instruction of important content-related information through the use of multi-sensory instructional techniques. The middle school program emphasizes structure and routine, and teaches organizational and time management skills with the same emphasis as is devoted to the core content areas.

Our middle school continues to remediate skill deficits in various areas, while providing exposure to more advanced concepts and skills as appropriate. Core academic courses are enhanced by classes in art, music, physical education and technology.

Outside the classroom, students are encouraged to learn through action and experience during participation in a range of extracurricular and athletic opportunities. Lawrence School recognizes and celebrates the fact that students may achieve some of their greatest successes on the playing field, in the art studio, or under the stage lights.

Middle School Program

The academic program is made up of four courses that run 60 minutes in length. During the first 50 minutes of class, the teacher reviews content, presents new concepts, facilitates multi-sensory activities that reinforce comprehension of material presented, and engages all students in the learning process.

The final 10 minutes of class is designed by each teacher based on the needs of his/her students. For example, time may be set aside for students to begin their homework assignment so they can benefit from immediate teacher feedback. Teachers may also use this time to teach studying techniques, organizational skills and provide students with the remediation needed to succeed academically.

Students are ability-grouped by grade in each subject area, including math, English, science and social studies. This allows them to receive remediation in areas of difficulty while exploring advanced concepts in areas where they excel.

Middle school students participate in three electives over the course of seventh and eighth grade: Music, Art, and Physical Education.

In music studies, students are exposed to different instruments and learn to understand the many ways music can be appreciated by others. During the Art rotation, students study the work of certain artists and art movements, and then begin to create their own work based on the essence of the art being studied. In both music and art, special emphasis is given to the exploration of diverse cultures.

Physical Education affords each student the opportunity to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle while teaching cooperation, work ethic, and the importance of perseverance.

Parents are an essential part of the learning process at Lawrence. In addition to regular parent-teacher conferences and online progress reports that reflect up-to-date grades and assignment status, parents are contacted regularly via phone or email to discuss their child's progress.

Parents are treated as team members in education, uniquely positioned to help assess our success in making true, substantive changes in their children's lives.

Additionally, because Lawrence parents all share a unique experience we have in place a very thoughtful and active Parents Pride organization.

Also, under the Parents Pride organization, parents have the ability to help plan and host family social events, organize parent-education opportunities, and assist with the annual Benefit Auction.

Student Life

Students enroll at Lawrence due to academic needs resulting from their specific learning styles. However, this does not mean Lawrence students are not able to enjoy the social, civic and co-curricular opportunities found in other school environments.

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