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Our Technology

For students whose learning differences prevent them from achieving success in a traditional classroom environment, technology levels the playing field.

As such, technology at Lawrence is embedded and integrated into the learning and teaching that takes place each day. The use of assistive technology and an array of other ever-present tools help bridge deficits in executive function and language processing and allow students to learn and explore in a manner consistent with their skills and interests.

Technology is changing, evolving and growing at a startling pace in our society. At Lawrence School, it is our intention to stay on the forefront of technology by providing students, faculty, administration and support staff access to a wide variety of hardware and software resources that improve student learning and communication.

Lower School

In the Lower School, teachers integrate technology into their lessons through the use of multimodal instruction. All Lower School classrooms are equipped with SMART Board interactive whiteboards, which allow teachers to creatively present lessons that keep students' interest and help them better understand classroom material.

Students also learn basic keyboarding, computer literacy and internet safety – effectively setting the stage for more advanced technology use in the middle and high school years.

Upper School

At the Upper School's state-of-the art wireless campus, all students and faculty use laptop computers in the middle school and tablet computers in the high school to engage in learning activities, conduct research, and complete classroom assignments.

In every classroom, interactive whiteboards and teachers with advanced technology skills provide lessons and learning experiences that honor differences in learning styles and needs of our students.

Specialized assistive technologies at the Upper School include text-to-speech and speech-to-text software, word prediction, phonetic spell-checkers and concept-mapping software (to support visual thinking techniques). Digital note-taking capability includes laptop computers, digital inking software like Microsoft OneNote, and the use of webcams to take audio and video notes.

Available courses in technology include Middle School Technology Studies, Graphic Design, Video Editing and Computer Animation.

Upper School also utilizes an internal social network that students and teachers use to conduct classwork, send eNotes to students and teachers, and make announcements about events happening in the school.

With a safe, internal social network for middle school students and extensive utilization of Google Apps in the high school, students care connected both personally and digitally to their teachers in order to ensure academic and social success both inside and outside of the school.