What You Need To Know

  • Before a family is considered for financial aid, the student must first be accepted into Lawrence School by the Admission Office. For more information about applying to Lawrence School, please see: Admissions Process.
  • In the situation of divorced parents, both households including stepparents and/or partners are expected to contribute toward the cost of education and both will be expected to participate in the financial aid application process. An exception will be made if there is a legal document that requires that one parent be 100 percent responsible for tuition, a copy of that document is provided, and all parties agree to this exception.
  • Parents who own their own business will be required to furnish a copy of their current business tax return in addition to their personal tax returns. They may also be asked to furnish cash flow statements, balance sheets, and other relevant information.
  • If a family has children over the age of six, it is expected that both parents will be gainfully employed. In cases where only one spouse is working, the Financial Aid Committee may impute earnings for the other spouse when considering income to include in the calculation of need for financial aid.
  • Ordinary business or rental depreciation or loss will not be considered in the calculations.
  • Financial aid decisions are made on an annual basis and recipients must reapply annually. All information supplied by the applicant is considered to be confidential by Lawrence School. Additionally, applicants are prohibited from discussing financial aid awards with other parents or School employees other than the Head of School or Business Office personnel.
  • The FACTS website for financial aid for the following school year opens in early November. If you wish to apply for financial aid, the due date for the financial aid application to be submitted is December 31.