Ethan D. Schafer Center for Learning Differences

The Ethan D. Schafer Center for Learning Differences at Lawrence School offers affordable psychological and educational assessment services for Northeast Ohio students, ages four to 17 years old.

The Schafer Center is run in cooperation with the Department of Psychology at Case Western Reserve University. Qualified graduate students administer testing and assist with Learning Center functions. This arrangement helps keep costs manageable, and also ensures that all testing methods and procedures comply with the rigorous demands of the University's psychology department.

Program Features

Services offered at the Schafer Center are compatible with community standards and also provide the following benefits:


Testing of this nature often requires several months to complete. The Schafer Center works with families to complete the process quickly – sometimes in as little as a few weeks, depending on the specific testing required.


The Schafer Center strives to offer the highest quality testing and personalized consultation at an affordable cost.

Face-to-Face Feedback

In addition to a written report, families will receive a follow-up, in-person conference.


Schafer Center personnel are also available to review existing test results with families at an hourly rate.

Our Services

Learning Evaluation

This assessment is suggested for students ages 6-17 who are suspected of having a learning disorder or may require documentation for access to intervention or accommodations.

Comprehensive Psychological Assessment

This service evaluates the nature and extent of behavioral and emotional concerns, including depression, anxiety, ADHD and more for students ages 6-17.

Early Childhood Evaluation

Provided to families of children ages 4-6. Given the broad range of concerns in early childhood development, services are varied and specific to individual needs. An early childhood evaluation may be used to determine school readiness and define developmental areas that require support or interventions. Services begin with a thorough interview with caregivers and an in-depth review of records to identify concerns and evaluation strategies.


This service provides a review of existing test results to determine if further assessment services are required as well as provide clarification. Services may include an interview with parents, an in-depth review of records, and written recommendations/suggestions to the family.

Free Reading Screening

Designed for students in Kindergarten through third grade. The screening is a quick, efficient way to detect if reading problems exist. Parents receive immediate face-to-face feedback.


To request more information about our assessment services and/or set up a phone consultation with Dr. Christian please contact Administrative Coordinator Renee Lewis.

Our Staff

Kelly Christian, Ph.D.

Kelly Christian, Ph.D.

Schafer Center Director
Lower School
Sally Galanti, Ph.D.

Sally Galanti, Ph.D.

Psychology Associate
Lower School
Renee Voth

Renee Voth

Schafer Center Administrative Coordinator
Lower School