ADHD Screenings

We are pleased to offer ADHD Screenings, which incorporate information regarding prevalence rates of ADHD, family history, symptomology, and neuropsychological functioning using a nomothetic approach.

Our screenings are:

  • Convenient: Appointments are just one hour.
  • Informative: Face-to-face feedback is provided to parents along with a written summary of the results.
  • Low-Cost: We are charging a flat fee of $50 to help cover the costs of our assessment tools.
  • Instructive: Families leave the appointment with a summary report that describes the likelihood that the child has ADHD.
  • Supportive: Resources, including how to get an evaluation through the school district and outside referrals, are also given to families.

Screening Dates:

2019: October 10, December 5
2020: January 16, February 27, April 16, May 7 

About the Schafer Center

The Schafer Center is run in cooperation with the Department of Psychological Sciences at Case Western Reserve University and Kent State University. Qualified graduate students administer testing and assist with Schafer Center functions. This arrangement helps keep costs manageable, and also ensures that all testing methods and procedures comply with the rigorous demands of the APA-approved clinical psychology program.

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