Dr. Haynes Visits Lawrence School

We had the pleasure of hosting Charles Haynes, EdD, CCC-SLP at both campus locations for a two-day visit last month. Dr. Haynes helped to found the nation's first intervention program for students with dyslexia and expressive language disorders at Landmark School in Massachusetts.

Dr. Haynes presented "Home Support for Children's Language Development: Book Reading and Storytelling" to a group of parents from Lawrence School and the greater community on April 19 at the Lower School.

A recording of Dr. Haynes' presentation to parents can be viewed below. For your convenience, click here to download the PDF of the referenced slides.

In the presentation, Dr. Haynes shares key strategies and techniques parents can use to support their children's learning and language development by highlighting the importance of reading to and with your child – not only in their younger years but as they progress into middle school as well. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of creating structure and consistency to morning and evening routines.

Dr. Haynes also adds that any kind of meaningful communication stimulus (pictures, educational videos, audio) paired with a thoughtful conversation could be just as important and impactful as the act of reading a book. Lastly, Dr. Haynes highlights that each child is different, and the bond made between parent and child is incredibly important in their developmental journey. The more connection and comfort they feel, the more of a support system they feel they have to keep them moving in the right direction.

Dr. Haynes spent the first day of his visit at the Upper School where he met with the leadership team, observed multiple language arts classes across the grade-levels, and provided feedback to faculty. The following day, Dr. Haynes offered expert advice and wisdom to parents and professionals during a pair of thoughtful presentations at the Lower School.

Dr. Haynes' second presentation to a diverse group of professionals, titled "Liven Up Your Students' Writing: Narrative and Expository Elaboration Strategies", followed in the afternoon. Dr. Haynes described how expanding students' vocabulary using semantic feature analysis leads to sentence development. He also discussed framework for sequence narratives and using a "detail circle" strategy. Dr. Haynes concluded his presentation, and his visit to Lawrence School, by signing copies of his book From Talking to Writing: Strategies for Supporting Narrative and Expository Writing - 2nd Edition.

With a masters in communicative disorders from San Francisco State University and a doctorate in education from Harvard University, Dr. Haynes is a Professor and Clinical Supervisor at the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston. He has given more than 200 presentations to parents, teachers and researchers nationally and internationally.

Many thanks to Dr. Haynes, and the Bicknell Fund for making his visit possible! The next Schafer Center for Learning Differences community education event will be the evening of Thursday, September 13 and feature a discussion on anxiety moderated by Heather Dukes-Murray, Ph.D.

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