Continuing the Conversation About ADHD

We had the pleasure of reuniting clinical psychologist Dr. Cheryl Chase and child psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Grcevich for a follow-up presentation to last April's popular community education event - ADHD: Facts and Myths.

This year's presentation, which was held on January 11 at the Upper School, was again moderated by Dr. Kelly M. Christian, Director of the Ethan D. Schafer Center for Learning Differences at Lawrence School.

Presentation slides (PDF)
Handouts (PDF)

More than 80 parents, professionals and community members attended the informative event that addressed many aspects of ADHD in both a main presentation, as well as breakout sessions with Drs. Chase and Grcevich to discuss specifics of behavioral intervention and medication treatment.

During Dr. Christian's moderated discussion with Drs. Chase and Grcevich, our experts covered diagnostic markers throughout development, educational impact, and symptoms and behaviors related to ADHD. The breakout session featuring Dr. Chase, which followed the moderated discussion, focused on behavioral and educational interventions and accommodations. A recording of Dr. Chase's breakout session can be viewed below:

Dr. Grcevich's breakout session focused on medication treatment was not recorded due to the private and sensitive nature of the subject matter.

Many thanks to the Bicknell Fund for making the evening possible! The next Schafer Center for Learning Differences community education event will be the morning of Thursday, April 19 and feature Charles Haynes, EdD, CCC-SLP.

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