Lawrence Student Finishes First Nationally In Great Reading Games

Congratulations to our top 10 winners at Lawrence School for their placement in the Great Reading Games competition through Learning Ally!

Students earned points for every page read, every weekday they read, every weekend day they read, and bonus points for consecutive days of reading.

Our 1st place winner, Claire Wiskes '21, also ranked as the 1st place National winner amongst over 76,000 students who participated! Lawrence School achieved 2nd place overall in our division for High School students.

Ms. Garza awarded wireless headphones to the top 10 readers at Lawrence School. The chart below shows the top students, along with their scores and the amount of pages read:

RankFirst NameLast Name Score Pages Read
1ClaireWiskes 186,191 18,149
2IsaacOrtman 33,021 3,112
3BenjaminSmith 20,391 1,779
4IsaacAltman 19,801 1,790
5MitchellEakin 18,211 1,691
6TaiEvans 17,821 1,632
7JosephMcGee 17,361 1,506
8MehkiMays 15,611 1,371
9AmiahRobinson 14,331 1,233
10ClaireBuckbee 12,511 1,121

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