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17th Annual Convocation Continues for High School Division

One night after recognizing our students in grades 7-8, the 17th Annual Convocation Compass Awards continued for the High School division on May 23 in the Upper School gym.

The goal of the Compass Awards is to reinforce the values that Lawrence School believes are important and hopes all students will embrace and strive to achieve. In front of family and friends, each student received an award to represent their unique contributions and achievements during the academic year.

The categories included Courage, Scholarship, Fellowship, Integrity, Perseverance, Leadership, Advocacy, and Compassion. Each award is carefully selected by members of the school's faculty, staff and leadership council. In addition to receiving a Compass Award, 11 students were presented major awards, which are listed below. Congratulations to all our High School division honorees!

2019 High School Convocation Award Winners

The Blackbird Award – Celia Lewis ' 20
The Blackbird Award is presented to a student who exemplifies the characteristics of the blackbird. Blackbirds are clever, curious, and creative. They are generally quiet, yet unafraid to speak up when needed. Strong and adaptable, they are comfortable with a flock or on their own. Blackbirds do not possess the flashy colors of other birds because they do not like to bring attention to themselves. However, once a blackbird strengthens their wings and feels the power beneath them, others are sure take note. The student receiving this inaugural award is ready to take flight!

Campus Life Champion Award – David Hinshaw '20
The Campus Life Champion Award is designed to honor a student who has made outstanding contributions in each of the campus life areas: Athletics, Student Leadership, Extra Curricular Activities, and Visual and Performing Arts. Individuals who are honored with the Campus Life Champion Award are students who not only appreciate and benefit from these activities, but through their impassioned involvement, make a significant impact on the culture of student life at Lawrence School.

Distinguished Scholar Award – Eli Hansen '19
The Distinguished Scholar Award is presented to a student who demonstrates a high level of academic excellence. The student receiving this award has consistently maintained a true commitment to academic excellence by demonstrating hard work, perseverance, and initiative on a daily basis.

Division Head's Award – Sophia Hengst '19
The Division Head's Award is designed to recognize a student who contributes to the school community in a variety of meaningful ways. Academically, this is a student who achieves at the highest level and places a strong focus on academic success. Socially, this is a person who engages with all members of the school community and makes friends wherever he or she goes. And this is a student who actively involved in many aspects of school life – from the sports fields to a variety of clubs and activities.

Jenifer Garfield Legacy Award – Olive O'Rourke Scherf '20
The Jenifer Garfield Legacy Award is presented to a student who has repeatedly demonstrated passion, perseverance, courage and confidence in the face of challenges and in pursuit of excellence in education.

Joshua Dawson Memorial Award – Nick Wiskes '21
The Joshua Dawson Memorial Award recognizes a student who emulates Joshua's gentle spirit and whose interactions with others are kind and thoughtful. The award goes to a student who, while not always the center of attention, has made an indelible mark on the school community. The student receiving this award has consistently demonstrated compassion for others and generosity of hand and heart.

Lou Salza Book Award – Ava Edelman '19 and Claire Wiskes '21
The Lou Salza Headmaster's Book Prize is presented to a student who emulates Lou's love of assistive technology. Lou's own journey and eventual discovery of the benefits of assistive technology was a personal "game changer." The student receiving this award is someone who not only appreciates and benefits from the use of assistive technology, but through perseverance and determination, is achieving academic excellence.

Mimi Mayer Legacy Award – Ananda Martin '19
The Mimi Mayer Legacy Award is presented to the student who best emulates the characteristics for which Mimi was known and loved: kindness, enthusiasm, a genuine love and respect for all people, leadership and a dose of good humor. This award is among the highest honors at Lawrence and calls on the student who receives it to continue a tradition of leadership that is of the highest caliber.

Pride of Lawrence Award – Justin Jones '19
The Pride of Lawrence Award recognizes a student who exemplifies the qualities we expect to find at Lawrence School: recognizes and celebrates differences, shows respect and consideration to others, encourages others to be the best they can be both through actions and encouraging words, offers friendship to new students, and can be counted on to offer both students and teachers alike assistance whenever needed. The Pride of Lawrence Award goes to the student who best exemplifies the characteristics we most want Lawrence students to carry forward into their lives as successful and productive citizens.

Self-Actualization Award – Justin Michalski '19
The Self-Actualization Award is given each year to the student who shows tremendous growth and continued improvement either socially, emotionally, or behaviorally. The student should be someone who faced adversities and challenges and has either met those challenges or has taken clear decisive steps to begin to do so.

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