Learning Differences: Neither a Gift, Nor a Curse

We had the pleasure of hosting a pair of lively presentations at the Lower School on Thursday, Oct. 19. Lawrence Head of School Lou Salza presented Learning Differences: Neither a Gift, Nor a Curse to a diverse group of 38 professionals in the morning, followed by 41 enthusiastic parents and community members. The presentations were moderated by Dr. Kelly M. Christian, Director of the Ethan D. Schafer Center for Learning Differences.

For both audiences, Mr. Salza addressed the persistent learning myths that interfere in understanding children with learning differences and how to more effectively meet the needs of all children. He pointed out how, surprisingly, school design has not changed much since 1904. In response, Mr. Salza provided a framework for schools and parents to promote resilience and agency in our children. Mr. Salza and Dr. Christian also took time to address audience questions.

A recording of Mr. Salza's presentation can be viewed below. We apologize in advance for the harsh sound of the class bells!

For your convenience, click here to download the PDF of the referenced slides.

Many thanks to the Bicknell Fund for making the presentations possible! The next Schafer Center for Learning Differences community education event will be the evening of Thursday, Jan. 11 and will feature Drs. Cheryl Chase and Stephen Grcevich.

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