Senior Week: Class of 2018

Senior Week, a time when we get to honor and celebrate our soon-to-be graduates, is quickly becoming a tradition at Lawrence School.

"Senior Week is another way for us to let the seniors know how much we value them and are proud of all their achievements," said Upper School Director of Student Activities ReGinae Reynolds, who developed the concept last year.

The year's Senior Week, which began Monday and concludes tomorrow, included a variety of activities and new traditions for the senior class as finals approach and with the inevitable bittersweet parting of ways with great friends and faculty on the near horizon.

During Senior Week, each senior is secretly "adopted" by a faculty member. Teachers then shower their senior with treats and encouraging notes each day, including a meaningful gift and personal letter on the last day. In this last letter, teachers reveal themselves and pass along words of wisdom, special memories, and encouragement for the future. Faculty members also have a locker decorating party on the Friday before Senior Week to customize their senior's locker with streamers, stickers and other meaningful items. Seniors then start their special week with an exciting surprise waiting for them, created by a thoughtful and caring member of our staff.

Senior students also have the opportunity to participate in dress-up events throughout the week. This year, the themes included "College/Career Day" Monday, "I Woke Up Like This (Pajama Day)" Tuesday, "Rock it out/Dress Like a Rock Star" Wednesday, "Game Day" Thursday, and "Lawrence Pride Day" on Friday. The themes were selected by Mrs. Reynolds with input from the senior class president.

As of April 30, out of Lawrence School's 44 seniors, 32 will be attending a four-year university or two-year institution next fall. Additionally, two students will be participating in a gap year, two more will go directly into the workforce, and one more will be receiving a certification. There are also seven students who are currently undecided due to the tough decision-making that comes with having numerous opportunities (a great problem to have)!

Sending the largest margin of students to a four-year university is a consistent trend with Lawrence School each year. However, this year there is greater variance in the paths that students are choosing to take outside of attending four-year universities, and those paths are being encouraged and celebrated just the same. Seeing students thoughtfully chose their course of action based on what they feel is in their best interest, is closely monitored and guided by our Upper School College and Career Planning department.

This time of year is important to all students, but it is especially meaningful to our group of seniors who will be moving on to the next chapter of their lives in a few short weeks. Senior week is one of our last opportunities to honor their successes throughout each of their journeys at Lawrence.

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