Getting to Know Ms. Loferski

Sophia Loferski is the Director of Academic Technology and Learning Support at Lawrence. In her role, she supports students and faculty by selecting assistive technology tools that best align with each individual's needs and strengths.

Tell us a little bit about your background before Lawrence?
Before Lawrence, I worked at United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland where I worked in vocational services. I worked heavily with transitional students who were receiving extra training after high school before joining the workforce or electing to continue their education. Before UCP, I worked in special education at Mayfield City Schools while I finished my graduate degree. My undergraduate degree is in speech pathology and audiology, and my graduate degree is in special education with a focus on assistive technology. I have worked with individuals from birth to past retirement and have loved every minute of it.

What made you choose Lawrence and what appealed to you most when you interviewed or visited?
I was well aware of Lawrence's reputation before applying, and regularly popped onto the website. I actually used Lawrence as a resource while completing research in graduate school. When I ultimately decided to apply to the position of Director of Academic Technology and Learning Support, I did so to share my knowledge with the Lawrence community and continue my education, too. Lawrence is leading the pack when it comes to innovative teaching and educational technology use. When I was invited to campus for an interview, I was thoroughly impressed with all team members' dedication to education and the best interests of their students. Lawrence's team is passionate about its mission and willing to give its best everyday.

Tell us about your new position – what is it, and what does it entail?
In my position as Director of Academic Technology and Learning Support, I have a few different roles across Upper and Lower School. On Mondays, I can be found at the Schaffer Center at the Lower School. There, I act as a link between Lawrence and the community as an academic technology resource. I evaluate how people are able to best interact with textual information. The rest of the week I can be found at Upper School where I provide learning support and resources to students and faculty.

What are you most excited about in this new role and how do you plan to make it your own?
I am thrilled to be part of the impactful team Lawrence has created. In my role, I hope to be a useful resource when it comes to academic and assistive technology and learning strategies, which can be tricky fields to navigate. I am particularly interested in using my background to help support student self-advocacy and readiness for post-secondary success. This could mean college, vocational training, or joining the workforce, but it is imperative that students are able to transfer the skills they learn at Lawrence to the next step in their lives and careers. To do this, they will need to be prepared to advocate for themselves and carry forward the tools and strategies taught at Lawrence. Lawrence is already doing a wonderful job in this area, and I hope to be a supportive piece of this goal.

What are a few of your goals for this school year?
This year I am focused on becoming a part of the Lawrence community and identifying areas in which I can be a force for good. I would like students and staff to feel comfortable working with me so that those areas are clearer.

Is there anything in particular you would want our community to know about your role here?
Yes! Thank you for asking. I would like parents and students to know that I am available and would love to meet you. You can contact me or visit my office (even if you do not have a tech issue), whether to sort out a tech challenge, rethink study skills, or just to chat – I am excited to meet everyone!

Ms. Loferski can be reached at 330.908.6828 or by emailing

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