The Myth of the Late Bloomer: A Free Resource for Families

Lawrence School is proud to present, The Myth of the Late Bloomer, a 16-page resource that aims to help families learn more about learning differences, the dangers of the "wait-and-see" approach, and how they can become better equipped to understand, accept and help their children.

The free publication can be found as a special insert in the September 2016 edition of Northeast Ohio Parent Magazine as well as in the main offices of each campus. A digital copy is also available below:

The cover story, which features a current Lawrence School family, explains that when it comes to reading, poor readers don't simply catch up on their own. But with proper identification and intervention, years of distress and academic failure can be avoided. Many thanks to the Myers family, including Greg, Amy and two of their three children – Courtney '22, who is enrolled at the Upper School, and Henry '25, who is a new student at the Lower School this year – for sharing their personal story for the article!

Other articles include:

  • Early Reading: Why Wait for Failure? The cost of reading failure is high. Identification for reading struggles is inexpensive and can be done as early as first grade.
  • Trust Your Gut: Seeking Advice from Your Pediatrician Parents know when something is wrong. Speak up (and tell your pediatrician about it) the moment you start to have concerns!
  • The Behavior Battle What can parents do when their children act out at home or at school? Dr. Kelly Christian, Director of the Ethan D. Schafer Center at Lawrence School, has some strategies to employ.
  • Helicopter Parenting: Staying at the Right Altitude When is it ok to let your child experience failure at school and when do you need to get involved? Lou Salza, Head of Lawrence School, explains when and how parents can intervene in a way that helps their children learn to be effective advocates for themselves.

Do you know a family who might benefit from this information? Please share this resource with them!

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