Themes Announced For Lower School Spirit Week 2018

The Lower School Student Council is happy to announce that we will be holding Spirit Week from March 13-16. We hope that everyone enjoys participating in special themed days to celebrate our Lawrence School #LionPride!

Please find the daily schedule below - complete with guidelines to ensure a fun week!

Tuesday, March 13: Hawaiian Day
You voted for it - you got it! On this day, students are encouraged to wear their brightest Hawaiian clothing. Will you wear your favorite floral shirt? Maybe a lei and sunglasses? Let's pretend we are in Hawaii on this day!

Wednesday, March 14: PJ Day
Don't like getting dressed for school in the morning? On this day, you won't have to! Students are encouraged to wear their pajamas – classroom AND recess appropriate, please! – to school. Students are also permitted to wear a robe over their pajamas, if they prefer. Please note, students are NOT permitted to wear slippers however, due to safety concerns on the stairs. Instead, please wear sneakers or another type of appropriate footwear.

Thursday, March 15: Homeroom Choice
Each homeroom will choose how they will dress up. Will they be rock stars? Will they be spies? Maybe they will wear crazy socks? The ideas are endless!

Friday, March 16: Spirit Day
Show off your Lawrence #LionPride by wearing Lawrence School gear or colors! For the most daring children (and parents!), students are permitted to spray green and/or white in their hair, paint their faces, etc., as long as it is done at home – BEFORE arriving at school.

If you have any questions or concerns about Spirit Week or any of our themed days, please contact Mrs. Lewis at

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