Performing Arts

Performing arts opportunities at Lawrence School allow students to discover and develop competences outside of the classroom environment.

Like other elective courses and extracurricular experiences at Lawrence, performing arts experiences allow students to develop self-esteem, confidence, and the opportunity to shape their identity. The confidence gained through participation in the performing arts supports students' social and academic success during and after the school day.

Our performing arts program features courses and extracurricular experiences in music and theater. Events throughout the year engage beginners and newcomers in meaningful musical and dramatic experiences.

Highlights of our performing arts events include two concerts, two dramatic productions, and a spring musical. These events allow students to showcase the skills developed in courses such as Intro to Theater, High School Music (a rock band style class), and High School Choir.

Students may also elect to participate on our stage and technical crew for each performing arts events. Leadership opportunities are also available to students as they gain experience on our stage and technical crew.