Fine Arts

At Lawrence School, art class is a time during a student's day for self-expression, relieving stress and enjoying the creative process.

Art is subjective and the value of self-expression should not be underestimated. We strive to help each student become the best artist they can be, and encourage students to grow as artists, based on their current abilities and creative strengths.

Learning a new technique or starting out on a new piece of artwork can be overwhelming at times. With visual examples, step-by-step instructions and repetition along the way, we present projects in a way that helps our students feel confident and at ease during the process.

Our goal is to engage every student in every project.

With this goal in mind, we are flexible with our expectations and strive for each student to gain a sense of their own power and effectiveness. At the same time, we have high expectations for student effort, and let our students know how proud we are of the hard work and creativity they bring to the art room every day.