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Lawrence School believes that having the opportunity to excel in areas of interest outside of the academic setting is an important part of a student's school experience.

Therefore, our robust athletics department offers programs and opportunities similar to what you may see in schools that are more than twice the size. Lawrence School competes in the Lake Effect Conference and currently offers the following sports: Cross Country, Golf, Soccer and Volleyball in the fall; Boys and Girls Basketball, Cheerleading and Swimming in the winter; and Baseball and Softball in the Spring.

Many students coming to Lawrence previously were unable to compete in sports due to academic restrictions or because they needed to use extracurricular time to complete homework. At Lawrence, we do not render kids ineligible to participate in sports due to academic concerns. Instead, we work to remediate the academic concerns while participation in the sport or activity continues.

The major objective of the athletics program is to provide wholesome opportunities for student-athletes to develop positive habits and attitudes. Lawrence students learn the lifelong value of involvement in sports, the values of good sportsmanship, personal commitment, physical activity, teamwork, skill development, sacrifice and decision-making.

As part of a team, students learn cooperation and self-discipline, coupled with the opportunity to test oneself and break through barriers and limitations. Athletes learn that the key to a successful season in any sport is found behind the win/loss column—not just points, field goals or runs, but a higher quality of play and a greater appreciation of themselves and others.

Bryan Cioffoletti

Bryan Cioffoletti

Athletic Director
Upper School