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Service Learning

We encourage our students to engage fully in both the learning process and in their communities as active and supportive citizens.

Our Service Learning program aims to connect the learning that occurs in classrooms with community issues and needs. By supporting our students in connecting to the community in meaningful ways, we are able to build understanding and empathy for others in ways that would not be possible within the walls of the classroom.

Effective Service Learning programs possess three important elements:

  • The service is connected to specific learning outcomes.
  • The service meets identified community needs.
  • The service project provides structured time for student reflection and connection of the service experience to classroom learning.

Lawrence School’s Service Learning Program achieves these intended outcomes through thoughtful planning and careful cultivation of relationships with community agencies. We partner with agencies who support the type of education we provide and who need support and resources in fulfilling their mission.

Each grade level has a specific area of focus:

  • Grade 9 – Hunger, in partnership with a local food bank
  • Grade 10 – Homelessness, in partnership with a local homeless shelter
  • Grade 11 – Child and Youth Support, in cooperation with an agency serving at risk children
  • Grade 12 – Differences and Challenges, through a mentoring relationship with younger students at Lawrence’s own Lower School.
Whatever the type of service project, we work to ensure that students understand their role within the community and embrace opportunities to give back to those who may need their support.