How We Serve

Students at Lawrence enter a program strategically designed to address learning differences such as dyslexia, and attentional challenges such as ADD and ADHD.

Once they become part of a community of learners that recognizes their intelligence and talents and supports their challenges, they grow academically, socially and emotionally, and are able to advance to higher learning and to the marketplace.

Our programming, methodologies, student life, and environment all combine to provide the foundation for how our students can begin to "learn to learn", develop their toolbox of skills, and effectively negotiate school, higher learning, and life.

Student Development

Our commitment to the affective (social and emotional) development of our students permeates all academic and extracurricular programs. Learn More

We Serve Our Students Through:

A supportive learning environment

... that relies on teamwork between teachers, students and parents in order to help students identify their learning styles, engage in honest self-assessment, and increase their self-confidence and expectation of success.

Specialized academic programming

... which incorporates a unique combination of proven approaches to learning and teaching – in every classroom, in every subject area.

Thoughtfully-designed course offerings/curricula

... which help each student individualize the learning process and truly understand the material presented.

Structural and organizational benefits

... such as small class sizes, consistent routines and a strategically designed classroom environment.

Assistive technology

... to help bridge shortfalls in executive function and language processing, as well as the use of technology as a tool to become and stay organized.

An approach to social and emotional development

... that provides consistent, campus-wide behavioral expectations as well as the use of research-based programs to support bullying prevention and improve peer relations at school.

Providing "student life" opportunities

... where students can explore a wide range of personal interests—in an environment that allows and encourages personal growth.

A thoughtful post-secondary guidance program

... that helps students and parents take a candid, caring look at how affinities, abilities and strengths might complement school and career choices once students leave Lawrence School.