Student Development

Our commitment to the affective (social and emotional) development of our students permeates all academic and extracurricular programs.

Although the typical Lawrence student has average to above-average abilities and intelligence, most of our students come from academic settings where they felt “below average” or incapable of participating in the learning process. Because of their learning differences, they experienced fear, anxiety and embarrassment over participating in class, taking tests, reading aloud, and keeping up with their peers.

A sense of understanding and acceptance – teacher-to-student and among students themselves – helps relieve feelings of failure or negativity from earlier school experiences. By creating a safe environment where students can begin to first heal and then find the confidence to blossom, we set a stage for successful learning.

A carefully crafted and uniformly enforced plan for behavioral expectations and consequences provides a calm, predictable learning climate that strives to be free of bullying or harassment. Students are encouraged to embrace and celebrate differences and take risks without the fear of being ridiculed if they fail.