Proven Results

At Lawrence, losses in learning are not simply stopped – they are reversed.

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Bright Minds

Our students have average to above-average IQ scores. Their challenge comes mainly in information processing.

Measurable Results

Our students show statistically significant improvement in reading, math, and writing scores over a three-year period.

Accelerated Learning

Our students actually develop skills at a faster pace than "normal" kids because they aren't simply staying in the same place – they are moving up. This is remarkable when we consider that prior to attending Lawrence, most of these students were simply falling further and further behind each year.

Measuring Outcomes

How do we know Lawrence School works for the students we serve?

We start with a comprehensive admissions process which examines a multitude of variables regarding each and every applicant to get to know how each will respond in our setting. We take great care to enroll students who fit our distinct student profile, and who we are confident will make significant progress in our program.

Once students are enrolled at Lawrence, their individual progress is monitored frequently, and benchmarks of achievement are examined in both short-term and long-term areas. Learn More

Our Graduates

Nationally, only 66 percent of students with learning differences attend a four-year post-secondary school program within two years of leaving high school. (Source: National Longitudinal Transition Study-2, 2011).

At Lawrence, 86 percent of our graduates attend a two-year or four-year college. Other students elect to go directly to the workplace, gain technical skills through career-specific courses or apprenticeships, or serve our country by joining the military.

The important factor is that every student, upon leaving Lawrence, has a plan for their future and the tools and skills to give them the very best chance at success in whatever field they choose to pursue.

The success of our program is not simply defined by how well students thrive within the walls of our school. It is also defined by how our graduates contribute to the community and world around them. We believe that learning is a journey which extends far beyond school, and part of our job is to provide students with the tools they need to become learners for life.