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What We Offer

One of the things that sets Lawrence School apart is our devotion to serving the whole child.

Certainly, empowering students to become academically comfortable and successful is important. But we also recognize the importance of emotional and social health, and work diligently and proactively to address issues and support student needs.

Emotional health is a requirement for successful academic learning.

When there are feelings of anxiety, tension and frustration roadblocks to learning occur. As such, it is critically important to create a warm, safe, and predictable environment so that a feeling of emotional and physical safety permeates classrooms, lunchrooms, hallways, playgrounds, sports fields and social events.

Instruction in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies will always form the foundation on which any school rests. At Lawrence, however, the focus expands to include instruction in Respect, Consideration, Safety, Ownership and Achievement – so that students are able to interact effectively and kindly with their peers.