Assertive Discipline

In many schools, there are noticeable differences between the climate of one classroom and another. Classroom rules vary, consequences shift from room to room, and students are often left confused and anxious as they try to navigate an ever-changing landscape of rules and expectations.

Across all grade levels at Lawrence, these inconsistencies are minimized through the use of Assertive Discipline. The program emphasizes the right of every teacher to teach in a classroom that is free from distraction and disruption, and the right of every student to be educated in a safe, structured and consistent environment, free from tension and fear.

Lawrence School has five classroom rules, in effect in every corner of the building, every day. Rules do not vary from class to class, so students always know what is expected of them.

Additionally, there are clear consequences for inappropriate behavior, beginning with a verbal warning of the need to stop a certain kind of behavior, followed by additional steps, including lunch time detentions and, occasionally, removal from a classroom in order to meet with a member of the school's administration.

Parents are kept fully informed of a child's classroom behavior, and we work in partnership with parents to ensure the best possible outcomes for each child. Lawrence School cannot serve students who are consistently disruptive to the educational environment, or who create unsafe physical or emotional conditions for other students.

Through the use of Assertive Discipline, the feel of the school buildings is calm and quiet and the classrooms are places where instructional time is spent on delivering academic content, not managing inappropriate student behavior.