Beyond the Classroom

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Students enroll at Lawrence due to academic needs resulting from their specific learning styles. However, this does not mean Lawrence students are not able to enjoy the social, civic and co-curricular opportunities found in other school environments.

At Lawrence, we provide "student life" opportunities where students can explore a wide range of personal interests, give back to the community, and help shape their school experience – all in an environment that allows and encourages personal growth, develops strengths and passions, and allows students to envision themselves as valuable participants and contributors to the world.


Student Council, which is very active on both campuses, allows students to plan school events, provide leadership for the student body, and work with teachers and administrators to affect change. Participation in mentorships, internships and community service help foster students' strengths, develop their long-range interests and passions, explore workplace possibilities and, most importantly, allow them to envision themselves as valuable participants and contributors to the world.

Arts, Athletics, and Extracurriculars

Because many students who have learning differences have struggled with academics in traditional, general education, it is particularly important – even necessary – that they have an opportunity to develop and grow talents and skills in the arts and athletics, and develop communication and relational skills in clubs and extracurricular activities.

Student Life By Campus

Lower School

At the Lower School, students have the opportunity to participate in Student Council and various community-building events and activities, such as collecting donations for the local Hunger Center or planting trees on Arbor Day. Diversity is celebrated each year at the International Banquet, where students dress up and share foods that represent their various nationalities.

Environmental and “green” issues are explored through an annual Earth Day celebration as well as the Veggie U curriculum, which promotes healthy lifestyle and sustainable agriculture.

Students also showcase their various interests and talents in the Spring Musical, Arts and Writing Fair, and annual Talent Show.

Upper School

In the Upper School, a wide range of extracurricular and athletic opportunities help match the interests of our diverse learners. Co-curricular options include a wide range of opportunities such as drama club, advanced art, musical theater, soccer, cross country, volleyball, basketball, baseball, video game club, yearbook, environmental club, student council, Spanish club, robotics, chess, bowling, and more.

Additionally, students participate in school spirit events such as pep rallies, spirit week, and the annual homecoming weekend. Students take a leadership role in planning social activities such as the annual homecoming dance, winter formal and high school prom, and also hold fundraisers to support these events.

All students have the opportunity to regularly weigh in on issues, decisions, and procedures that shape and define their school experience. They initiate new clubs and programs, create guidelines for behavioral expectations at social activities (such as school dances), and inform school policy and procedure. Particularly, Student Council and National Honor Society offers students who excel academically to take on leadership roles in the high school.