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At Lawrence School, we believe that education should be about celebrating individual strengths and learning styles.

Students with learning differences are unique learners. While their intelligence levels are average to above average, they process information in a way that is different from what is expected in a conventional school environment. In many traditional public and private school classrooms where the majority of learners do well, students with unique learning styles don't quite fit and often get unfairly labeled as "disabled" or even worse.

Because students with learning differences inherently learn outside-the-box, they are often misunderstood. These students have the ability to learn as well as anyone else; they simply learn differently. When they are educated in an environment that honors their individual learning styles, they succeed — even excel – and go on to experience achievement in schools, colleges and careers.

Today, thousands of our children – born with the intelligence and talent to build great bridges, create new art, triumph in the business world and contribute greatly to our society – are struggling academically. But given the opportunity to learn and grow in a unique environment, these students are able to unlock their potential and succeed.

At Lawrence School, we understand the unique needs – academic, social and emotional – of students with learning differences and attention deficits. Our specialized programs and methods are designed to help these students build confidence, advocate for themselves, and reach their full potential. There are over 300 schools like Lawrence across the country – but only one in Northeast Ohio.

Our School

We are an independent, coeducational day school serving students in grades K-12 with learning differences and attention deficits. With our small classes, research-based curricula, and hands-on learning opportunities, we provide students from more than 80 communities, 11 counties and 66 different school districts throughout Northeast Ohio with an exceptional educational experience that teaches using diverse learning strategies, ignites their potential, and inspires academic, personal and social success.

If it is time for you and your child to discover success both inside and outside the classroom, we hope you will consider learning at Lawrence.