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We hope the following list of frequently asked questions is helpful. If there is something else you are looking for, we're just a phone call away!

My child was just diagnosed with a learning disability…WHAT DO I DO?

Give us a call! This is the beginning of a new journey and it is important for you to become your child’s strongest advocate. We have more than 50 years of experience helping families navigate the world of learning differences and are committed to serve as a resource for all, regardless of school placement.

Does Lawrence School provide transportation?

We do not provide transportation, but some communities transport through the public school system. The Office of Admission can tell you more about what transportation options are available. In addition, each year we publish our "carpool" map for current students. Many of our families share rides or split the cost of private transportation.

Do students wear a uniform?

Students are required to comply with a dress code each day. This includes solid-colored polo shirts and khaki or navy pants/skirts. Students are also asked to wear a "dress uniform" on special days like Grandparents Day or for field trips. The dress uniform consists of a black polo with embroidered Lawrence logo, khaki bottoms, and black shoes and belt. Lawrence embroidered clothing is available from the Lands' End student uniform catalog. In addition, Student Council hosts monthly dress down days.

What does Lawrence School's academic calendar look like?

Our calendar is very similar to other school calendars. The school year runs from late August until early June and includes a three-day Thanksgiving Break, two-week Winter Break, and a one-week Spring Break. Additional one-day holidays and teacher training days are also scheduled each month.

Does Lawrence School provide lunch?

We do not have a cafeteria, so on most days, students need to bring a lunch and drink (and snack in the Lower School). However, Student Council often sponsors weekly take-out lunches from local restaurants and pizza shops. Students place their order and pay in advance and food is delivered directly to the lunch room.

Does Lawrence offer a boarding program?

No. Although students travel to Lawrence from more than 80 Ohio communities, we are specifically a day school.

Does Lawrence have a PTA or some type of organization for Parents?

Yes! We have a very robust and supportive Parents Pride organization, which shares support, friendship, and community resources. Every parent of a Lawrence student is automatically a member of Parents Pride.

Do you have deadlines for applying?

No. Lawrence School has rolling admissions, which means we will accept a student at any point in the school year. Tuition is prorated to the time of enrollment.

Does a student need to have an official diagnosis to be considered for enrollment?

Diagnoses are helpful because they communicate common language, issues, and needs. However, we do not require students to have an educational or medical diagnosis — although we do require testing to help us better understand where students are experiencing difficulty.

What can I expect during a student visit?

Once a complete application has been submitted, the admission team will review the information and determine if Lawrence School might be a good fit for the student. If so, the prospective student will be invited to spend a minimum of one full day on campus — attending classes, meeting teachers, talking with classmates, and experiencing student life. This visit also allows the Office of Admission and teachers to observe the student's learning style and challenges.

Is testing required for applicants?

We do not require students to take academic tests to gain admission at Lawrence. However, we require copies of a student's ETR and/or testing from educational, neurological, and psychological professionals.

Testing can also be performed at the Schafer Center for Learning Differences, which is located at Lawrence's Broadview Heights campus.

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