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Visual Arts

Our visual arts curriculum encourages students to gain an awareness of their place in the world as a global citizen and allows their creativity to flourish. 

Our Courses:

Drawing and Painting I
Throughout the semester, students will be guided through elements of art including line, shape, shadow, form, and perspective. Students will experiment with a variety of art media and tools to produce frame-worthy one-of-a-kind pieces.

Advanced Drawing and Painting
In this class, we continue to experiment with a variety of media and tools to produce unique works in different styles. Students will gain more confidence in their artistic abilities and will have the opportunity to express themselves through a variety of mediums.

Advanced Studio
This class is desirable for students who wish to further develop skills and techniques that were introduced in previous drawing and painting courses. This studio course covers various techniques and drawing media, expanding on foundational skills, and helping students develop personal style. Students will be exposed to several advanced art techniques.

Art History
Students will be familiarized with art that was created during major historical time periods. A variety of aspects of art history, including themes, purposes of art and styles of art throughout time, will be examined.

Visual Arts Electives are also offered for students in grades 7–8.

Throughout the school year, we have several opportunities for our visual arts students to share their talent and artwork publicly.

Coffeehouse and Cabaret
In the middle of the year, we host a Coffeehouse and Cabaret that showcases our entire arts department. The evening includes artwork created by our advanced art students and musical presentations.

Every student has a portfolio that is available on Artsonia, an online gallery. Artsonia is the world’s largest collection of student art, published by teachers and students from around the world. Families can view the art online, leave comments and order keepsakes featuring their child’s art.

The Memory Project
We participate in The Memory Project, which is promoting a kinder world through art. Our students create portraits of children from third world countries and send the portraits to those children as keepsakes.

The Global Art Exchange
In the Global Art Exchange, our students participate with other American students in artistic peacebuilding. We exchange artwork with students from third world countries and share images of peace and kindness.

Art Pen Pals
We connect with other artists throughout the U.S. and world by exchanging artwork and ideas.

Performing Arts

Whether in the classroom, in rehearsal, or in performance, our goal remains the same: to provide students with positive experiences in music which build confidence as well as competency and encourage a lifelong appreciation of the arts.  


Instrumental Music
In place of a “traditional” band or orchestra program, Lawrence offers students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of guitar, bass, keyboard, and drum set, in order to participate in a modern rock band-style ensemble.

Music Theory
This elective course is offered for students interested in building skills in music literacy, aural dictation, and composition. 

Our choir is a standard vocal ensemble with many performance opportunities throughout the year.  Students have assistive technology available to them every day in the classroom to support music literacy.  

Music Appreciation
Several non-performance-based courses are offered on a rotating basis. They encourage students to think critically about the history of music, as well as the ways in which they experience music in their lives. These courses include American music of the 20th century and history of film and video game music  


Performance Opportunities

Spring Musical and Fall Play
Each year, Lawrence mounts two full-length staged productions- one musical and one play.  Rehearsals and learning materials are specially designed to meet the needs of our performers.  

Tech Crew
Students interested in learning the technical aspects of theater may volunteer on the tech crew for performance events.  They will learn about stage lighting and sound on Lawrence’s state-of-the-art equipment. 

Winter Coffeehouse
This hugely popular performing arts showcase offers an opportunity for Lawrence students to perform solo and ensemble music on our theater stage.  

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