great minds don't think alike

In education, one size clearly does not fit all. At Lawrence, we are committed to reframing the conversation about the way children learn.

removing barriers, unleashing potential

As children arrive at Lawrence, they put down the burdens they carry and pick up a toolbox with their name on it.

beyond teaching, reaching students

Our positive, energetic and dedicated faculty don’t merely “work” at Lawrence, but rather answer a call to serve.

changing lives, transforming families

Lawrence accepts students for who they are and how they learn. As a result, students begin to know themselves in a new way and start to grasp all that they can achieve.

re-imagining school

At Lawrence, we seamlessly integrate our unique instructional methods with rigorous school curricula from K to AP, employing diverse strategies so all can learn.

feeling the pride of lions

At Lawrence, pride is evident in classrooms and hallways, in the gym, and in the air.

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